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Because we love our own pets and know how important they are to you and your family, you can count on the staff at Dale Veterinary Clinic to provide skilled care in a friendly environment.

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Caro Angus, Veterinarian

Dr. Caro Angus

After an initial career in the food industry, Dr. Angus realized that her true passion was helping animals and their owners. After graduating from St. Matthew’s University and the University of Minnesota, Dr. Angus has worked in both Ontario and Florida with both large and small animals as well as some exotics, the Toronto Humane Society and Toronto Animal Services. In addition, she has gained experience in emergency medicine and surgery working in clinics across Ontario. Dr. Angus lives with her husband Dan, daughter Alanna, Cleo the dalmation, Winky the cat and Parsley the rabbit. Dr. Angus loves to ride horses, ski and spend time with her family. 


Registered Veterinary Technologist

Dawn-Ann knew from the age of 5 that animals were her passion. She worked in co-op at Windfields Farm and the Humane Society throughout high school.

In 1997 she graduated from St.Lawrence College as Registered Veterinary Technologist.  

Dawn-Ann worked in a horse practice for a couple years after graduation then changed stream to small animal. She continued training in the small animal field and obtained Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) certification through the University of Tennessee. Dawn-Ann is also Fear Free Certified. 

She expanded her knowledge in veterinary medicine by leaving small animal practice for a few years and becoming involved in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry as a Pharmaceutical Rep with one of the world’s leading animal health companies. During that time she realized it was time to pursue her second passion and joined the Canadian Armed Forces in the Primary Reserve – Army as an Armoured Soldier.  She is currently serving with the Ontario Regiment (RCAC).

Realizing that she needed more time to dedicate to the Army and genuinely missing being in practice she returned to clinic work as a locum RVT. 

She currently shares her home with her husband, two sons, a Doberman (Lupin), an olde English bulldogge (Trudi), and a cat (Aslan).



Lead Veterinary Assistant

Danica has spent her entire life owning too many pets, so it made sense that she gravitated towards the animal field. Starting as a co-op student at a veterinary clinic in 2011 through high school, she was then hired on as a vet assistant and receptionist afterwards. She did take some time away to get involved with the family business installing swimming pools in 2017, but her heart has brought her back to a career with animals which led her to Dale Veterinary Clinic in November 2019. Her family also rehabilitates wildlife (focusing on raccoons). She has a nine-year-old German Shepherd, Dozer, a twelve-year-old Aussie, Theo, and a two-year-old chihuahua named Buddha. She also loves her reptiles, having a Chinese Water Dragon, Levi, a Bearded Dragon, Blue, and a Columbian Boa named Kalao. In the summer she spends her spare time fishing for musky and in the winter she ice fishes for just about anything.


Veterinary Assistant

Katt is a Certified Veterinary Assistant who has been working in the veterinary field since 2012, after graduating with distinction from St. Lawrence College, in Kingston. She has also successfully completed a course to become “Fear Free Certified.” This course teaches and promotes techniques used to improve an animals emotional well-being, in addition to their physical well-being. Katt believes it is extremely important to keep each animal, their owners, and also our staff, as comfortable and stress-free as possible. She has always had a strong passion for preventing and relieving distress that animals may experience, in any setting. She shares her life and home with many precious furry companions that she has rescued throughout the years. Katt loves what she does, and is constantly inspired by her patients, their families, and the extraordinary love that they have for each other. 



Veterinary Assistant

Colleen has worked for dale vet since 2020. She got her start in veterinary medicine while working with a mobile equine vet in North Carolina in 2008. Since then she has gained experience working in both small animal and large animal medicine. Colleen lives with her husband and two children on their farm in Northumberland county. Her personal pets include street dogs from Egypt and Manitoba, feral cats and breeding Canada’s national horse; the Canadian. Colleen’s favorite patients at the clinic are the spicy kitties she can sing soft kitty to.


Veterinary Assistant

Kayla is a Certified Veterinary Assistant who has been working in the veterinary field since 2017 with a primary role of veterinary and client assistant. She takes pride in being an advocate for animals and thoroughly enjoys sharing her love of these furry critters with clients. Kayla’s gentle manner and positive up beat persona always gives strength and stability to the team. When not busy working, she can be found enjoying nature with her Jeep Wrangler, dirt bike, or simply relaxing with her critters at home. Kayla is a proud auntie to ten nieces and nephews, and a Mama to two Boston Terriers and two Sphynx.”


Veterinary Assistant

Growing up Melissa always had animals ranging from hamsters to dogs. She graduated from the Animal Care program at Durham College, becoming a registered veterinary assistant. She is planning on going back to school to be a vet tech. 
After graduating Trinity College School in Port Hope she decided to go into Honours psychology and business. Realizing that her passion was always working with animals, especially after working at a dog Kennel called Cedar Valley Pet resort, she started working in clinics. Melissa’s family owns a farm, so she was always helping out with  feeding and looking after the animals.
She previously worked at Wilson Road Veterinary Clinic, and has recently joined our team at DVC!

Melissa G

Veterinary Assistant

Melissa attended veterinarian medical school in 2012 at Durham College, and started working at a small animal clinic in 2013. She then ended up merging into veterinary emergency in 2016, where she worked in Toronto working day and night shifts.
Melissa left clinic work for a few years when she gave birth to her daughter, and chose to focus her experience and love for animals by starting an animal rescue (The Big Dog House). Once her daughter was older she went back into emergency medicine, but realized that the rescue was struggling because of her long working hours (plus being a mom!). Melissa decided to put her time and energy into her rescue for 2 years straight.
Dale Vet Clinic has been providing veterinary care for the animals at The Big Dog House, and when Melissa’s daughter was old enough to attend school we asked Melissa if she would lend her knowledge and experience to our team. Happily, she joined the staff here at DVC and has been loving it ever since.


Office Manager

Rayanne has graduated from an Animal Care program in 2019 and has volunteered at an animal hospital in Oshawa before joining the team at Dale Veterinary Clinic. She always loved animals as a kid. Despite it driving her mother crazy, she always took in strays and nursed injured wildlife whenever she got the chance. Rayanne grew up with two cats, Larry and Princess, and a yellow-bellied slider turtle named Franklin. She hopes to adopt a dog and another cat in the future. In her downtime, she catches up on an unhealthy Netflix binge, as well as staying active outdoors.

Pictured are Bubble and Squeak, Pia's cats

Pictured are Bubble and Squeak, Pia’s cats


Client Care Representative

Pia’s background in animal rescue started with 7 years at the local humane society. Coming from an extensive career in manufacturing, moving to a permanent position in animal care was the best decision she feels she has made aside from marriage and children. Pia peacefully lives with her husband Gord and three rescued cats: Squeaky, Bubba and Thunder. In her spare time she enjoys camping and campfires and quality time with family and friends. 


Client Care Representative

LeShaun is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa obtaining a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology (French Immersion Stream). From a young age, LeShaun knew his expertise was drawn to the field of veterinary medicine. Throughout his university career, he began volunteering at various veterinarian clinics, which solidified the idea that working among animals is his calling.  As an aspiring veterinarian, LeShaun is devoted to continuously learning the ins and outs of the veterinarian domain, which is an opportunity Dale Veterinary Clinic has given him. In his spare time, LeShaun competes as a dancer, he is an avid reader, and a dance instructor/choreographer.



Client Care Representative

Mandy joined DVC in September and recently graduated from the Animal Care Receptionist course from Durham College in December 2022, which she did part time while working. Mandy has had many jobs in different fields over her career including retail, IT Analysis, fast food & even a call center but since she was young always wanted to work with Animals. She is now excited to be able to fulfill her dream job. She has had animals since she was born but currently has five which she affectionately calls fur babies. Finn The Friendly “Beagador”, Eevee the Crabby Tabby, California the Skittish Tuxedo, Wilma the Adventurous Albino Rat & Willow the Shy Dumbo Rat. In addition, she has two Human Children, Matthew & Alyson as well as Josh, her Partner of 22 years. In her spare time, Mandy enjoys many hobbies and has an affinity for crafting. She recently started to learn how to Roller-skate again.


Administrative Assistant

Jane’s background is administrative and customer service, but all her life a love of animals.  On her bucket list she has always wanted to work in a Veterinary environment.  She is married to her husband Tim, has two sons and four grandchildren.  The pride of her life is her Wheaton Terrier named Nicky.  In her spare time Jane loves to cook and bake, enjoys many hobbies and is a member of the Willow Beach Field Naturalist Club.

Katie the Veterinarian Assistant


Social Media Manager

Katie has been working at Dale Vet Clinic since the summer of 2018, has been working in the animal care field since 1998, and has been awesome since birth. Her passions include geriatric pet care, pet dental health, fear-free nail trims, and handling saucy little dogs who want to bite her face off. She lives with her husband, Matthew and son, Odin, as well as a Presa Canario named Freya and a Toy Australian Shepherd named Beckham. She also has two cats, Grizabella and Shortbus.


IT Guy

Ben is our IT Guy, and you may occasionally meet him working behind our front desk. He has a background in avionics. His veterinary expertise can be summed up as he can tell the difference between a dog and a cat, so he will always refer you to another staff member if asked any questions. Ben loves animals, especially cats. Unfortunately he is also extremely allergic to them, making his choice to work in a vet clinic questionable!

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