May 19th – COVID-19 Update

Dale Veterinary Clinic is very pleased to advise our clients that the provincial government has announced that as of Tuesday May 19th we will be able to resume regular appointments. These include annual examinations, routine vaccine appointments, heart-worm testing, elective surgeries, dental prophies, and yes even nail trims. During this pandemic, other clinics have moved to providing telemedicine (that is medical information over the phone or by video or text) to their clients at a cost. We have decided at this time to not charge you for this service and continue to provide this information to you at no cost. We hope to remain this way and as such ask that you provide us with clear and concise information about your pet at the time you book their appointment as well as when you arrive.

We will continue to meet you outside the front of the clinic and then we will bring your pet into the clinic to examine and to perform any needed treatments. Please, when you arrange for an appointment provide us with as much detail as possible about your upcoming appointment. We will then continue to ask you for more history while meeting with you outside.

If you are considering euthanasia for your pet, please contact us directly at the clinic so we can discuss the options available. Please call us at 905-885-9577 or send us an email at or reach us through our website at Dale Veterinary Clinic to schedule your pet for an appointment.

Thank You,
Dale Veterinary